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A learning center for hypnosis and self hypnosis education. A resource for finding professional referrals for hypnosis treatment of medical and psychotherapeutic issues. A learning center for hypnosis and self hypnosis education. A resource for finding professional referrals for hypnosis treatment of medical and psychotherapeutic issues.
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Procedures For Deepening The Hypnotic Trance

If you have been practicing the techniques and procedures for inducting the hypnotic state, you should at this point be able to achieve complete physical relaxation in about fifteen minutes or less. Now you should begin to practice attaining this relaxation without mentally going over your whole body area by area. After you have taken the three breaths and said mentally, "Relax now," give yourself this suggestion: "My entire body is loose, limp and relaxed." Now visualize or imagine any picture that means to you complete physical relaxation (a rag doll or a hand full of loose rubber bands, etc.). Some people get perfect results by remembering the sensation they have while practicing semantic relaxation. It is important to learn to produce this state of relaxation quickly so that you can move to the techniques for deepening your state of hypnosis, testing for depth, and programming new mental responses.

Deepening Techniques

One of the most elementary yet effective methods of increasing trance depth is simply to suggest, each time you practice, that you will go deeper the next time. This usually has an additive effect, and if you get into the habit of including this thought along with any other suggestion concept, you may be surprised to find, when you get to the point of testing, that you are going deeper than you had realized.

Another technique is to use one of the counting methods. As soon as you feel your body begin to relax, start counting backward from one hundred in this manner: "One hundred, deeper asleep, ninety-nine, deeper asleep," and so on. The moment that you are not sure what number you thought last, "was it eighty three or eighty two," stop counting, you are now in deep hypnosis. At this point your mind has slowed down, but still able to function with little effort. This is the depth of hypnosis where you can feel an emotional response to your positive suggestions and mental pictures.

Try not to analyze or evaluate your depth of hypnosis at this point. Use any conscious energy you have at the time to think of positive concepts you wish to achieve. Remember, as you go deeper your ability to evaluate is diminished. In a way you become less "aware," even of your decreased "awareness."

Another variation of the counting method is to picture yourself writing 100 on a blackboard. Then mentally erase the 100 and write "deeper asleep" off to one side; then write 99 and so on until you are not sure what number is next.

Another good technique is to picture in your imagination that you are riding backward down an escalator. As you are slowly drifting down, picture a red neon sign at the top of the staircase. The sign is flashing, "deeper asleep"... "deeper asleep." As you go farther and farther down, the sign becomes smaller and more indistinct.

Remember, the goal that you are working toward is NOT sleep. You are learning to achieve a state of self-hypnosis in which you are physically, and mentally relaxed to a day-dreamy like state. Your conscious mind is still functioning, but not in a rapid, alert and analytical way it functions when you are awake. This mental state is one in which your powers of visualization are increased, your feeling response is greater, and your critical powers are diminished, but not totally absent.

Note: Whenever you use imagery, try to think or imagine, SUBJECTIVELY rather than objectively. See the things and scenes themselves, rather than seeing yourself seeing them.

The instructions presented are from the personal collections and writing library of Mr. Robert E. Cutter, who died December 13, 2001, while in the process of completing the transfer of his work to the internet. These are offered as educational instruction only. The purpose of this instruction is the effective learning and use of hypnotic techniques for vocational or avocational self-improvement. This instruction is not offered as a substitute for, nor as a supplement to, any form of therapy concerned with physical, mental, nervous or emotional illness. Robert E. Cutter served as web consultant for American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association for three years. His hypnosis education came through the training he provided at a school he owned in the 1950's in Los Angeles, California, along with his wife who preceded him in death in 1980. Robert Cutter was not a psychologist and did not practice psychotherapy, but his interest in hypnosis motivated him to provide free resources materials for others who wanted to learn to use the power of their minds to improve well being and health-related issues.
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