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A learning center for hypnosis and self hypnosis education. A resource for finding professional referrals for hypnosis treatment of medical and psychotherapeutic issues. A learning center for hypnosis and self hypnosis education. A resource for finding professional referrals for hypnosis treatment of medical and psychotherapeutic issues.
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The Power Of Your Creative Imagination Page 2

Individuals with creative imaginations produce! Their goals are realistic. Alexander Graham Bell didn't just fantasize about talking to someone over a great distance. He used his imagination to create an instrument to make it possible -- he invented the telephone. Today we can talk to anyone anywhere in the world thanks to his creative imagination. The light bulb was born in Thomas Edison's imagination. In his day there were no light bulbs, except in his mind. He believed it was a practical idea and set The about to prove it. Can a man fly? They could in the imaginations of a couple of brothers named Orville and Wilbur Wright. They proved it at a desolate place called Kitty Hawk on December 17, 1903.

You have to make a distinction between idle daydreaming and creative, productive thinking. The former can destroy you, and the latter can lead you to a happy successful life. Daydreaming is just a form of procrastination; it is a misuse of your imagination that will get you nowhere.

If you use your imagination in a positive, constructive way, you can improve all aspects of your daily life. People tend to create mental pictures of everyone they know. The image is base on the knowledge you have about your acquaintances, and associations you make with them and other people you have known. You seldom see them as an individual, but as a composite of others that fit into a certain image category. Your imagination plays a large role in how you feel about an individual therefore it plays a major role in your human relationships.

Your imagination, when used wisely, can be a valuable tool in helping you realize your full potential in life. It can play a vital part in increasing your income, your self-confidence, improving your human relationships, school grades, and your creative abilities. You will discover abilities and talents you didn't know you had.

Here are some pointers on how you can immediately begin to increase the power of your creative imagination:

  • You should recognize and understand the power of your imagination. If you don't fully understand this fact, you will never realize your full potential in life.

  • Learn to control your imagination. Take a few minutes each day to practice seeing visual images in your mind.

  • Form a habit of always using your imagination as a preparation for constructive activity. Avoid using it for idle daydreaming. Learn to control and direct it in constructive channels.

  • Develop the creative dimension of your imagination. Visualize new products and concepts that would benefit mankind. Think of new ways to approach old problems.

  • When you have your back against the wall, let your imagination run wild. This technique is called "brain-storming." Wild thoughts often produce new solutions to difficult problems.

  • Keep practicing these techniques until you can effectively use your imagination to your benefit.

Remember These Important Ideas:

The real secret of success is a creative imagination.

Everyone was born with a good imagination. You still have one, even though it may be dormant and inactive.

The imagination is more powerful than "will power."

All great accomplishments were born in the imagination.

Your imagination, if misused, can undermine your accomplishments.

You must distinguish between idle daydreaming and constructively using your imagination. A creative imagination is always constructive.

Your imagination can help you increase your income and improve your relationships with others.

Your imagination can be a big help in developing your self-hypnosis skills.

The sub-conscious is very responsive to your imagination.

Your imagination and self-hypnosis can work together to help you realize your goals.

The instructions presented are from the personal collections and writing library of Mr. Robert E. Cutter, who died December 13, 2001, while in the process of completing the transfer of his work to the internet. These are offered as educational instruction only. The purpose of this instruction is the effective learning and use of hypnotic techniques for vocational or avocational self-improvement. This instruction is not offered as a substitute for, nor as a supplement to, any form of therapy concerned with physical, mental, nervous or emotional illness. Robert E. Cutter served as web consultant for American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association for three years. His hypnosis education came through the training he provided at a school he owned in the 1950's in Los Angeles, California, along with his wife who preceded him in death in 1980. Robert Cutter was not a psychologist and did not practice psychotherapy, but his interest in hypnosis motivated him to provide free resources materials for others who wanted to learn to use the power of their minds to improve well being and health-related issues.
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